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The committee is delighted to announce we have been awarded a grant of £10,000 from the Surrey Cricket Foundation towards Stage 2 of our Clubhouse Refurbishment Project.  Works will commence within the next few weeks.

Our bespoke changing room cabin facility is in final stages of manufacture and will be installed on Wednesday 24th October.

Stage 2 of our Refurbishment Project includes the outlined works below:-

  • Extending the Clubroom into the current home changing room

  • New accessible toilet facility

  • New Women’s toilets and Washroom Facility

  • Removal of Current Showers and conversion into Male toilets and Washroom facility

  • New Umpires Room and Shower Facility

  • New Suspended Ceilings, Plastering, Insulation and Upgrade of Electrical Fittings

  • New Altro Flooring throughout

  • Install of New Front Door


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