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The Club would like to acknowledge the valuable £1,000 contribution made by Amanda Boote in October 2020 towards our ground renovations & tree works. During 2020 and after a couple of dry winters/summers the outfield at the club was in an extremely poor condition as shown in the picture below:-


The committee decided that urgent groundworks were required over winter 2020/spring 2021 which included use of fertiliser, weed killers and many hours of unpaid ground maintenance works. The transformation of the ground has resulted in it never looking so good with lush grass all over particularly in areas with very little grass growth & extensive weeds.

During the 2021 season the outfield was in the best condition it has been for many years with lush grass and following some further treatments since the end of the 2021 season the grass has maintained it’s rapid growth as per the attached picture taken this week.

If the level of growth continues our groundsman will have problems keeping the grass short enough during the 2022 season!!!


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